Monday, 18 November 2013

A Potential Confounding Factor in the Nonclinical Assessment of Glucagon-Like Peptide (GLP)-1-Based Therapies

These data indicate that the pancreatic findings attributed to incretins are common background findings, observed without drug treatment and independent of diet or glycemic status, suggesting a need to exercise caution when interpreting the relevance of some recent reports to human safety (Diabetes)

Combined Angiotensin Inhibition for the Treatment of Diabetic Nephropathy

Combination therapy with an ACE inhibitor and an ARB was associated with an increased risk of adverse events among patients with diabetic nephropathy (NEJM)

Bardoxolone Methyl in Type 2 Diabetes and Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease

Among patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus and stage 4 chronic kidney disease, bardoxolone methyl did not reduce the risk of ESRD or death from cardiovascular causes. A higher rate of cardiovascular events with bardoxolone methyl than with placebo prompted termination of the trial (NEJM)

New Therapies for Diabetic Kidney Disease

Unfortunately, the failure rate of new drug therapies in clinical trials is extraordinarily high, exceeding 90% overall; even in phase 3 trials, it is still approximately 50%. In addition to bardoxolone methyl, a series of other new therapies for diabetic kidney disease have foundered over the course of drug development (NEJM)

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