Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Limited recovery of ß-cell function after gastric bypass despite clinical diabetes remission

These data show that ß-cell dysfunction persists after RYGBP, even in patients in clinical diabetes remission. This impairment can be rescued by oral glucose stimulation, suggesting that RYGBP leads to an important gastrointestinal effect, critical for improved ß-cell function after surgery (Diabetes)

Defining the Role of GLP-1 in the Enteroinsulinar Axis in Type 2 Diabetes (T2D) utilizing DPP-4 inhibition and GLP-1-Receptor Blockade

In this cohort of diabetic patients with a substantial incretin effect, GLP-1 contributed about 50% to the insulin excursion after an OGT both with and without DPP-4 inhibition. Thus, a significant DPP-4 sensitive glucose lowering mechanism contributes to glycemic control in diabetic patients that may be not mediated by circulating GLP-1 (Diabetes)

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