Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Elevation of plasma advanced oxidation protein products is an early marker of endothelial dysfunction in type 2 diabetes patients without albuminuria

Elevation of plasma advanced oxidized protein products was an independent risk factor for endothelial dysfunction, and therefore, might be an early marker of vasculopathy in individuals with early stage of diabetes (Journal of Diabetes)

Autoimmune Aspects of Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus - A Mini-Review

The identification of autoantibodies in elderly patients with slowly progressive manifestation of diabetes led to the introduction of a distinct clinical entity termed latent autoimmune diabetes of the adult (LADA), which combines features of both T1DM and T2DM (Gerontology)

Structural and Functional Brain Changes in Middle-Aged Type 2 Diabetic Patients: A Cross-Sectional Study

In agreement with previous reports, our findings indicate that T2DM leads to structural and metabolic abnormalities in fronto-temporal areas. Furthermore, they suggest that these abnormalities are not entirely explained by the role of T2DM as a cardiovascular risk factor (Journal of Alzheimer's Disease)

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