Monday, 17 February 2014

Postprandial C-peptide to glucose ratio as a predictor of ß-cell function and its usefulness for staged management of type 2 diabetes

We suggest that PCGR might be a useful marker for ß-cell function and an ancillary parameter in the choice of antidiabetic medication in type 2 diabetes (Journal of Diabetes Investigation)

Genital and urinary tract infections in diabetes: Impact of pharmacologically-induced glucosuria

A definitive dose relationship of the incidence of these infections with the SGLT2 doses is not evident in the existing data. Therefore, the precise role of glucosuria as a causative factor for these infections is yet to be fully elucidated (Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice)

Psychological Care in a National Health Service: Challenges for People with Diabetes

This review highlights the barriers and challenges to optimizing care for patients with co-morbid diabetes and depression, and outlines the therapies currently available in the UK, which might be disseminated in other countries (Current Diabetes Reports)

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