Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Metformin vs insulin in the management of gestational diabetes

Metformin will not increase the incidence of adverse maternal outcomes and neonatal outcomes (Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice)

The psychosocial impact associated with diabetes-related amputation

The present study found that the impact of diabetes-related amputation was significant for body image disturbance. However, it appears that other psychosocial outcomes are better accounted for by medical co-morbidities common in this group rather than the amputation itself (Diabetic Medicine)

Diabetes-specific emotional distress in people with Type 2 diabetes: a comparison between primary and secondary care

In primary care, lower levels of diabetes distress were reported than in secondary care. The difference in diabetes distress between care settings can be largely, but not fully, explained by specific demographic and clinical characteristics (Diabetic Medicine)

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