Monday, 5 May 2014

Effect of Early Multifactorial Therapy Compared With Routine Care on Microvascular Outcomes at 5 Years in People With Screen-Detected Diabetes

Compared with RC, an intervention to promote target-driven, intensive management of patients with type 2 diabetes detected by screening was not associated with significant reductions in the frequency of microvascular events at 5 years (Diabetes Care)

Identification of novel risk genes associated with type 1 diabetes mellitus using a genome-wide gene-based association analysis

The present results suggest the high power of gene-based association analysis in detecting disease-susceptibility genes. Our findings provide more insights into the genetic basis of type 1 diabetes mellitus (Journal of Diabetes Investigation)

Inhibition of calpain reduces oxidative stress and attenuates endothelial dysfunction in diabetes

This study suggests that calpain may play a role in vascular endothelial cell ROS production and endothelium-dependent dysfunction in diabetes. Thus, calpain may be an important therapeutic target to overcome diabetes-induced vascular dysfunction (Cardiovascular Diabetology)

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