Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Phase 3a liraglutide 3 mg trial demonstrated significant weight loss and improved cardiovascular risk factors in adults with obesity and type 2 diabetes

Data demonstrated that, at 56 weeks, in addition to clinically meaningful weight loss, treatment with liraglutide 3 mg provided statistically significantly greater improvements in risk factors for cardiovascular (CV) disease, compared with placebo, in combination with diet and physical activity (Novo Nordisk)

Effects of sitagliptin therapy on markers of low-grade inflammation and cell adhesion molecules in patients with type 2 diabetes

Treatment with sitagliptin for 6 weeks reduced plasma markers of low-grade inflammation and cell adhesion molecules, most likely by increasing plasma GLP-1 levels and improving glucose-insulin homeostasis. These beneficial effects of sitagliptin might represent a further advantage in the management of diabetes and its proatherogenic comorbidities (Metabolism - Clinical and Experimental)

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