Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Durable change in glycaemic control following intensive management of type 2 diabetes in the ACCORD clinical trial

Time-limited intensive glycaemic management using a combination of agents that achieves HbA1c levels below 6.5% in established diabetes is associated with glycaemic control more than 1 year after therapy is relaxed

Retinal vascular fractals predict long-term microvascular complications in type 1 diabetes mellitus

The retinal vascular fractal dimension is a shared biomarker of diabetic microvasculopathy, thus indicating a possible common pathogenic pathway. Retinal fractal analysis therefore is a potential tool for risk stratification in type 1 diabetes (Diabetologia)

Cost of diabetic foot disease to the National Health Service in England

The cost of diabetic foot disease is substantial. Ignorance of the cost of current care may hinder commissioning of effective services for prevention and management in both community and secondary care (Diabetic Medicine)

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