Monday, 15 December 2014

Pioglitazone has a dubious bladder cancer risk but an undoubted cardiovascular benefit

There is no association between bladder cancer and pioglitazone in randomized controlled trials, once cases that could not plausibly be related to treatment are removed ... careful study of randomized controlled trials shows evidence of cardiovascular benefit from pioglitazone in Type 2 diabetes, a condition which results, more than anything, in premature cardiovascular death and morbidity (Diabetic Medicine)

Adaptive pathways: a future approach to bring new medicines to patients?

Scientists argue that scientific and political changes will make adaptive pathways the preferred approach to make new treatments available (European Medicines Agency)

Proteomic Analysis in Type 2 Diabetes Patients before and after a Very Low Calorie Diet Reveals Potential Disease State and Intervention Specific Biomarkers

In this study, specific proteins were found to be differentially expressed in type 2 diabetes patients versus controls and before and after a VLCD. These proteins are potential disease state and intervention specific biomarkers (PLoS ONE)

Assessing the Effect of Treatment Duration on the Association between Anti-Diabetic Medication and Cancer Risk

This study demonstrates that evaluation of the variation in cancer risk in relation to treatment duration is of particular importance for enhancing the accuracy of conclusions on the link between exposure to anti-diabetic medication and cancer risk (PLoS ONE)

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